Zero2Revenue (Z2R) takes a diagnostic approach to the sales operations of the business that often reveals challenges or opportunities that are not obvious to those within your organization. Sales Executives are so busy with their day-to-day commitments that they don’t have the time to take on the heavy lifting required to improve sales results. Z2R leverages their experience to make the most of what is working well and to identify gaps that need improvement. Companies are unique and there is not a “one-size-fits-all” approach, Z2R combines internal and external best practices approach to drive results that create lasting change.

Sales Operations

  • Develop Executive level sales and exit strategies

  • Implement systematic sales methodologies

  • Generate predictable revenue streams

  • Increase forecast accuracy

  • Identify multiple channels of sales distribution

  • Develop financial models that support growth initiatives
            • Gain business insights into identify breakdowns in the sales process

            Sales Team

            • Provide skills assessment of sales personnel

            • Attract and retain top sales talent

            • Requirements to building a world class sales organization

            • Develop KPM’s that lead to revenue

            • Improve individual and team sales performance

            • Create synergies by aligning Sales & Marketing efforts

            • Implement strategies to successful pipeline management

            Sales Compensation

            • Design comp plans that drive desired behavior

            • Implement accelerators that reward over achievement

            • Develop comp plans that scale with quota and territory assignment

            • Accelerate overall performance by increasing activity levels


            • Increase Average Sales Price

            • Decrease Average Sales Cycle

            • Accelerate Account Acquisition

            • Generate Predictable Revenue

            • Increase Confidence in Sales Forecast

            • Automate Sales Processes to Drive Efficiency

            • Accelerate Revenue Growth that is Sustainable Long Term